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▷ Main product catalog of HANGIL HC.

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▷ HANGIL HC Certificate and A patent card

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▷ Description Video of Smart Acoustic Signal based on IOT

This is a managed system that the acoustic signals used by the IOT technology to control acoustic signal with PCs and smartphones are used to determine whether the sound signals are faulty and check. So this enables administrators to conveniently identify and manage information on the information of sound signals by using the IOT wireless Internet network in a PC or smartphone, using the IOT wireless Internet network.

▷ HANGIL HC corporate a letter of introduction

HANGIL HC company introduction.

As a leading-edge transportation system specializing in advanced transportation systems and technology, we are leading the nation's transportation culture.
Every product we make is the basic idea of seeing, listening, and thinking about all of the traffic underdogs, including the disabled and I promise to play the role of the whole thing to create a safe transport environment for everyone without discrimination in any case.

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HANGIL HC CO., LTD. / AnsanDigital Park 4006, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea / Representative : Kim Hong-kil /

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