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As a leading-edge transportation system specializing in advanced transportation systems and technology, we are leading the nation's transportation culture.
To establish a safer and more convenient transportation system, we have been working on integrating IOT into products.
Beginning with the IOT based smart acoustic signal, it will lead to the creation of and globalizing the product in a rapidly changing market situation.
Every product we make is the basic idea of seeing, listening, and thinking about all of the traffic underdogs, including the disabled and I promise to play the role of the whole thing to create a safe transport environment for everyone without discrimination in any case.
Thank you.


HANGIL HC company introduction



Preemptive respond to new paradigms

HANGIL HC company, a corporation employee, meets the needs of rapidly changing markets with rigorous client oriented thinking and execution, keeping pace with the information and communication environment that goes into constant technological development and we will implement I.O.T (Internet Of Things) that all products connect the Internet.
We promise to undertake the role and responsibility of the industry as a leading provider of transport systems.


Accumulated experience and technical competitiveness

In 1999 starting with HANGIL Handy Care company, we had established the " HANGIL HC " in 2007 through the separation of corporate and telecommunications sectors. Until now, With advancements in technology and advanced technology, we continue to advance our domestic transportation system by introducing advanced technology.


Warm interest in the traffic abbreviation

HANGIL HC company is developing products for safe walking environments with careful attention to the delicate parts of them.

All transportation related systems and products are aligned to the level for the weak.

Company Introduction


CEO Kim Hong-Kil. in HANGIL HC company.
In 1999 starting with HANGIL Handy Care company, we had established the " HANGIL H.C " in 2007 through the separation of corporate and telecommunications sectors. Until now, Traffic Signal Controller and LED Traffic Lights, pedestrian aid unit, etc. We use high-efficiency energy equipment in domestic transportation systems.


Also, We continue to disseminate " acoustic signals and voice guidance " for people who are blind, in the subway / railway stations, for the guide of public facilities using wireless network technology.

All of the products in HANGIL HC company that production in development with its own facilities and manpower, and complete the process of selling and implementing after-sales service and after-sales service are continuing to evolve through the excellent researcher of the "Advanced Transportation Scientific Research Institute" in accordance with the 4th industrial revolution.

HANGIL HC will respond to market demand that is thorough customer-oriented thinking and executive ability and implement an I.O.T (Internet Of Things) that all sorts of products are connected to the Internet with the internet in line with the information and communication environment that is evolving into continuous technological developments. we promise to role and responsibility as developed corporation that lead transportation system industry.
Thank you.

CEO Kim Hong-Kil



1999.07.23   HANGIL HAND CARE Incorporated Corporation, Inc Establishment

                         - CEO Kim Hong-Kil
                         - Part of the lift facilities, part of the Convenience facilities for disabled

                            people part of the Fire resisting materials Information and

                            communication section
           11.12   National research and development Industrial classics

                         (HanyangUniversity, wireless sound signals, Research and

                         Development of Induction transmitter)
           12.07   Patent registration (Utility model, Braille block for blind people)
2000.12.07   Venture business designation

                         (Small and Medium Business Administration)
2001.01.05   Patent registration

                        (Utility model, Acoustic Emission Source for Visually Impaired Persons)
2002.03.20   Selected Small and Medium Business Corporation
           06.29   Patent registration (Intelligent Traffic Information System)
           10.04   Obtain superior quality certification (EM Technical Specifications for

                         the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)

                         - Voice Information System for Visually Impaired Persons
2004.03.29   2004 Grand Prize Winner of Best Companies to Win (Written in Korean)
           04.28   2004 Award for Human Brands (People's Daily)
           06.11   Patent registration (automatic emergency door to the suit.)
           10.29   Patent registration

                         (automatic opening and closing control system and methods)​​​​​​​


2007.07.23   Corporate Discretion : (Master) Foundation of HANGIL HC Corporation

                         - CEO : Kim Hong-kil
                         - Electronics and Information Ministry part Acoustic Signal,

                            Voice Induction, Radio Paging
                         - LED part (High Efficiency Traffic Light, Stream light, security lights)
                         - Traffic signal unit part (intelligent traffic signal controller)

​​​​2007.12.05   Register public control format (Radio Institute)
2008.10.16   Register of Voice induction (Radio Research Institute)
           10.20   Register of Acoustic Signal (Radio Research Institute)

2009.05.13   An SeongPlant 2 Factory (purchase)
           07.11   Export of Colombia Acoustic Signal
           07.13   Cheonan2nd establishment of the 2nd Plant (Purchase)
           10.20   ISO 9001 certification
2010.12.07   Established in GyeonggiProvince (Anseong)
2011.01.20   Direct production certificate (Traffic Signal Unit, Traffic Signal

                         Controller) Approval -Small Business Federation
           01.24   Established in ChungnamProvince (CheonanCity)
           03.02   Patent registration (use of the pedestrian operating signal and

                         the means of control and control)
           04.06   Selection of Innovative Small and Medium Business

                         (INNOBIZ) -(Small -Medium Business Administration)
           05.09   Patent application (voice guidance and how to set up the signal level,

                         and voice guidance system)
2012.04.28   The award winners of the 2004 Human Brands award (KookminIlbo)
           06.11   Patent registration

                         (a device for automatic a route emergency exit escape)
           09.27   Passing examination of traffic signal controller function Road Traffic

           10.12   Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials passing the Traffic Sign 

                         Control Module
           10.29   Patent registration

                         (automatic opening and closing control system and methods)

2013.07.01   Acceptable certifications for Acoustic Signal such as audio-visual aids

                         (KC mark certification)
2014.05.08   Acceptable certifications for sound signals such as audio-visual aids

                         (KC mark certification)
           05.26   Helper pager Radio receiver broadcast communication Magnetic

                         materials Accreditation (KC Mark Certification)
           05.26   Helper pager Radio receiver broadcast communication Magnetic

                         materials Accreditation (KC Mark Certification)
           12.29   LED Traffic Light(Second Wave) Passing Performance Test of Road

                         Traffic Authority
2015.01.14   HANGIL HC Inspection equipment inspection complete

                         (Korea Research Institute of Mechanical Engineers)
           02.02   Certification of LED Traffic Light Energy Management Corporation

                         High Efficiency Energy Equipment Certification (2nd Wave)
           07.08   Certification of Traffic Signal Direct production
2016.02.25   Appointment of representatives of the Government Procurement

                         Council (Representative Director)
           06.02   Certificate of conformance to broadcasting and communication

                         equipment (MSP-CRM-HHC-HC-1805-16A)
           07.08   Establishment of a establishment of business laboratory
           10.27   Technical Assessment Certificate of Good company

2017.01.31   Patent registered (audio output device for traffic lights)

           03.02   Patent registered (Fault diagnosis type sound signal and traffic light

                         control system supplied at all times)

           03.24   Certificate of conformance to broadcasting and communication

                         equipment (HG-Smart-17A)

           04.01   Awarded the 2017 Small Business Technology Award

           07.01   Software development business registration

           08.23   Reorganization of the 3rd Korean / English website

                         (our marketing department)

    10.11~13   Participation in I.O.T WEEK 2017 International Exhibition (COEX)

           10.23   Patent registration

                         (Internet based acoustic signaling device and control system)

           11.08   Asian Economy TV - Close-up Company Site - Our company

                         introduction video broadcasting

           12.19   Awarded the 2017 Korea Service Award

2018.05.24   Venture company registration

   11.28~30   2018 Smart Technology and Procurement Exhibition for Sustainable

                        Development · Conference (STS&P 2018)

Our Story
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Our company continues to grow with technology and know-how.

Head office and 1st Plant : AnsanDigital Park 4006, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Telephone : 031.431.2005​​​​​​​

Fax : 031.431.0688​​​​​​​

1st Plant : 254-11-11, Hyeonmare-ri, Seoun-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2st Plant : 191-2, Sindeok-ri, Gwangdeok-myeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

HANGIL HC CO., LTD. / AnsanDigital Park 4006, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea / Representative : Kim Hong-kil /

TEL : +82.31.431.2005 / FAX : +82.31.431.0688​​​​​​ / E-mail : / Copyright(c) 2017 HANGIL HC  All rights reserved.​​​​​​​

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